RIP Coleen Gray

Earlier this month, Coleen Gray,John Wayne’s lost love in Red River died aged 92. She was born Doris Jensen of Danish descent.She scored good roles in several 1940s and 1950s films noir: for example, Kiss of Death, opposite Victor Mature (Director, Henry Hathaway); Nightmare Alley, opposite Tyrone Power in this minor masterpiece directed by Edmund Goulding; and Phil Karlson’s dynamic film Kansas City Confidential, opposite John Payne in a great cast that included Preston Foster, Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elam and Neville Brand, as colorful a collection of heavies as you’d see in one movie.. She made some other decent westerns after her brief but memorable role in Red RiverFury at Furnace Creek was a taut little conspiracy theory western with Victor Mature, and one of the best studio films directed by resident Fox craftsman Bruce Humberstone; Tennessee’s Partner was one of the neatest of Allan Dwan’s 1950s westerns for producer Benedict Bogeaus and Ms Gray rose well to the task, holding her own very well in good company opposite seasoned second string pros like Ronald Reagan, John Payne and Rhonda Fleming. Her final really good film was Stanley Kubrick’s early mini masterpiece The Killing, a heist film told from multiple viewpoints in which Marie Windsor was a standout but Gray again looked pretty cool in such good company as Windsor, Elisha Cook Jr and Sterling Hayden. I shall miss you, Coleen Gray. RIP

One thought on “RIP Coleen Gray

  1. Love ya blog noel stop over in Bangkok . These beautiful women I adore the natural beaut they show is amazing not too mention there acting ability. .


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